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How to determine the working temperature of the oil in the heat transfer oil furnace and the requirements for the unit of use
Author: adminTime: 2018/9/14 17:00:43Read: 29

Heat-conducting oil furnace, which is a specific and common type of boiler, and can be said to be widely used, so there is a need to learn and understand, then, based on this, the next step is to explain the knowledge about the heat-conducting oil furnace, or some Answer the common questions so that everyone can learn the content, and then, you can deepen your familiarity with the heat-conducting oil furnace.


1. In the case of a heat-conducting oil furnace that is in a high-temperature operation state, how should it be handled correctly in the event of a sudden power failure?

In the case of a thermal oil furnace in a high-temperature operation state, if it encounters an emergency situation of power failure, its correct treatment is:


When the circulating oil pump cannot operate normally due to power failure, the heat transfer oil in the furnace tube will exceed the allowable value in a short time due to the residual heat of the furnace. At this time, the cold oil switching valve should be opened to release the cold oil in the expansion tank. And sent to the oil storage tank. At the same time, wet coal pressure or emergency shutdown is required and needs to be completed within 5 minutes.

In addition, we need to pay attention to not to put the oil in the expansion tank clean, otherwise the system will inhale air and cause problems. An oil level mark can be made on the oil level of the oil storage tank. When the cold oil is replaced, the valve can be closed in time to avoid the expansion of the expansion tank and the oil storage tank.


2. What is the operating temperature of the heat transfer oil determined by? Does the temperature difference affect the heat transfer oil furnace?

The operating temperature of the heat transfer oil is, from a professional point of view, determined by the temperature required to heat the material in the heat equipment. Generally speaking, it is required that the temperature of the heat transfer oil in the heat transfer oil furnace is higher than the temperature of the material to be heated, and the larger the temperature difference, the smaller the required heating area. However, for some materials, problems can occur if they are at a high temperature. Therefore, the temperature difference will affect the material, but for the heat transfer oil furnace, the impact is not great.


3. Does the heat transfer oil furnace have requirements for operators and users?

The heat-conducting oil furnace has some requirements for the operators and the users. In particular, it is: in the operation personnel, it is required to carry out some professional training, and it must be assessed and issued by the local boiler safety supervision agency. For the use unit, it is necessary to formulate the operating procedures of the heat transfer oil furnace. The operator operates the boiler according to this operation procedure, and it is strictly prohibited to operate illegally.